ABOUT FIDELIS Nutritionals


They’re our faithful companions, our best friends, our protectors. They watch over us, and we look out for them. Decades of military and law enforcement training experience have taught us that larger breeds need a no-compromise, high protein-powered diet to stay healthy, active and alert. That’s why we created the Fidelis Nutritionals line.

Each of these unique foods, treats and supplements is carefully crafted to offer the utmost in quality, nutrition and taste. We hope you and your large, active friend agree!

FIDELIS is an ancient word that means ever faithful, ever true. It seemed like the perfect name for a line of food, treats and supplements designed especially for large family dogs like yours.


A retired US Marine, Wade Morrell and his wife Lori are two of the most highly regarded protection dog trainers in the world. In 2012, they co-founded Priority One Canine, a service that provides family-safe security dogs to celebrities, successful families, royal families, professional athletes and business executives around the world. But these Shark Tank survivors weren’t satisfied with the nutritional options commercially available for large, active dogs. And so, Fidelis Nutritionals was born.