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Fidelis probiotics have really helped my rescue dog's sensitive stomach. Ever since we started him on these supplements, his stomach problems have been practically nonexistent!
- L.T. -
Chicago, IL
Our Bernedoodle is obsessed with the freeze-dried treats and gets excited everytime we open the bag. We love that they’re made with a single ingredient and packed with protein.
- M.B. -
Chicago, IL
We started giving our Cavalier the Joint Support Plus+ supplements from Fidelis after noticing how much he struggled to jump up onto the couch and bed. Now, he leaps up without a problem. Thank you, Fidelis!
- K.f. -
Plainfield, IL
The pups really loved all the items they tried, and we couldn't be happier with the quality of the food! We love that they're produced in Ohio with great ingredients!
- t.m. -
Pittsburgh, PA
We have been enjoying our treats from Fidelis. They are freeze dried and made with exactly one ingredient, chicken liver, and are delicious.
- t.m. -
Springfield, MN
Our very active Shepherd has always been finicky when it comes to mealtime. Not anymore! He absolutely loves the taste and texture of Fidelis freeze-dried raw natural food, and we feel better knowing he is getting the nutrition he needs to keep him on the go.
- M.S. -
Hebron, OH
Happy and healthy Goldens at our house since we switched! Feeding a high-quality food like Fidelis Nutritionals has really made a difference, from energy level to shiny coats.
- E.R. -
Columbus, OH
We take our dog with us everywhere we go and wanted the best food available that travels well, too. The high-protein superfood blend plus convenient packaging makes Fidelis a great value for our family, and she loves it!
- M.L. -
Radno, PA
Rider comes running the second he hears me shake the jar! After trying pills, drops and powders, we finally found daily probiotic and hip and joint supplements that are easy to use (and a delicious treat for him). Thanks, Fidelis!
- S.R. -
Roseville, OH
We have an English Bulldog that is sensitive to various brands of dog food. We have tried many of the major "top brands" with little success. We are extremely pleased with the results from this food and will be a long time customer. Digestive issues are gone, he has an amazing shine to his coat, and very energetic.
- L.S. -
Kevin and Mildred Both LOVE meal time now. More energy for longer walks and play time in the yard. Kevin's dry skin showed improvement just after 2 weeks of switching to Fidelis! GREAT customer service, love this company!
- G.M. -
Newark, OH

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